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Ilsintech SWIFT-F1 Fixed V-Groove FS

ilsintech Swift-F1 Fusion Splicer
Swift-F1_400Product Description

Swift F1 is the highly sophisticated and integrated clad alignment fusion splicer, which has been designed to perform the major 5 multifunctional features systematically: heating, stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing and sleeving. The Swift F1 has been designed for fusion splicing and splice-on connector (Swift Connector) of FTTH network applications. The structural and complementary features of Swift F1 have been applied to the design of Swift Connectors to resolve the problems of mechanical connectors in past: low quality, weak durability and high maintenance cost. Swift F1 has turned around the way that the connector users, who were used to thinking previously, as from the installation and maintenance costs of splice-on connector, had been more expensive than a mechanical connector to more cost effective than mechanical connector purchasing cost of splice-on connector. Swift F1 is a versatile fusion splicer which can perform all kinds of FTTH fusion splicing for the ordinary 0.25mm, 0.9mm, 2mm~3mm cable, indoor cable and others splicing connectors.

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S123C Basic Fusion Splicer Kit

Fitel S123C Fusion Splicer
S123CProduct Description

S123 Fusion Splicer With its low profile and new super rugged body, the FITEL® S123 Series Fusion Splicer offers speedy operation for FTTX, LAN, backbone or long-haul installations. The lightweight, durable metal body frame and rubber protection corners provide robust protection, enabling use in challenging locations without compromising splicer performance. The S123 is water resistant to IPX2 and dust resistant to IP5X.

Features: Rugged and compact hand held design for demanding environmental conditions Fast splice (13 sec) at low loss and fast heating (25 sec) for single fiber 1 Simple operation with fixed V-groove Splicer is compatible with Seikoh Giken 2 and Diamond 3 SOCs 70 cycles (splicing & heating) with a single battery 4 Available for all METRO/LAN/FTTX fibers including ultra bendinsensitive fibers (e.g. EZ-Bend® Fiber) Easy maintenance – Toolless electrode replacement/mirror free alignment system Easy software upgrade via the Internet Easily exchanged fiber holder systems (tight holder/fiber holder/SOC holder) PC interface software to allow user management of splicing programs and results Auto-start shrink sleeve oven feature • Improved GUI to further enhance ease-of-use Large memory for storing data (2,000 splice data) and image (100 images) RoHS compliant

“S123C-Basic-Kit Clad Alignment Fusion Splicer Kit
Package Includes:
* S123C-A Splicer Main Body w/ Heater
* SCC-01 Soft Carrying Case
* S211B-Fiber Optic Stripper
* S325A Hand-Held Precision Cleaver
* S712S-250 250um Fiber Holders (pair)
* S976A AC Adapter
* S969 Spare Electrodes (1 pair)
* D5111 Electrode Cleaning Disk
* V-Groove Cleaning Brush
* Manual”

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Corning M90 Fusion Splicer
M90ecProduct Description

The Corning Cable Systems OptiSplice® M90e Fusion Splicer is the next generation of the proven M90 Fusion Splicer and is the ideal machine for networks where low-loss performance and high-end accuracy are imperative. Ideal for long-haul, CATV, telco and LAN applications, it can accurately splice current, legacy, dissimilar and specialty fiber types.

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PRO-790 Active FTTx Fusion Splicer

Precision Rated Optics - PRO-790 Fusion Splicer
PRO-790_400Product Description

PRO-790 is a light weight, small and fast FTTh Fusion Splicer, which is designed to splice bare fiber, pigtails, patch cords, drop cable and SC, LC, FC, connectors by different fiber holders equipped. It is designed for fusion splicing and Splice-on connector of FTTH network application.


– Color 3.5 Inch TFT, 200x magnification
– Compact & Lightweight
– Splice Memory 10000
– Max. wind velocity of 15m/s.
– 8 Sec. splice time, 35 Sec. tube-heat time
– Battery Capacity with more than 120 continuous splices and heats




Applicable fibers SM, MM, DS, NZ-DS(G655), G655,G657 and others
Cladding diameter Cladding Diameter: 80-150 um; Coating Diameter: 100~1000 um
Alignment Core Alignment (PAS Technology)
Splicing mode Manual or Automatic Setting
Average splice loss 0.01db(MM),0.02db(SM),0.04db (DS/NZDS/G.655/G.657)
Return loss 60dB
Heat Time 35 Sec.
Splice Time 8 seconds
Environment conditions -18C ~ 50C
Storage environment -40C ~ +80C
Protection sleeve length 20mm, 40mm, 60mm
Fiber Holder Suitable for the Splice of bare fiber (250 to 900um), pigtail ,patch
cord, Optical fiber drop cable and SC,FC,LC connector.
Interface USB
Power supply 85~260V input voltage
Dimensions 142mm(L) x 122mm(W) x 138mm(H)
Weight 2.04KG (Include battery)


Standard Package:


  • Fusion Splicer
  • AC Adapter
  • AC Power Cord
  • Internal Battery
  • Charger
  • Spare Electrodes
  • Cooling Tray
  • Manual
  • Case
  • Fiber Strippers
  • Fiber Stripper for Drop Cable
  • Fiber Holders
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PRO-730 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

PRO-730 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

PRO-730_400The PRO-730 is’s best priced core alignment fusion splicer.

Precision Rated Optics’PRO-730 is a core alignment fusion splicer designed for use within several areas of fiber optic deployment. Whether your application is Premise, OSP, or FTTx splicing with the PRO-730 will get the job done right. The PRO-730 is designed to work with all the popular fiber types and in all weather conditions. The dual axis view and reversible color monitor with control panels on both sides assures splicer efficiency in any work environment.
3 year warranty in spec sheet is only good if extended warranties are purchased. A 1 year warranty is available at the list price of $8,995. Extended warranties can be applied at $1,000/ year (Reference Part Numer “PRO-730-EW”).



– Color LCD monitor & 256 magnification
– Compact & Light weight
– Reversible monitor with control panel on each side
– Max. wind velocity of 15m/s.
– 8 Sec. splice time, 40 Sec. tube-heat time
– Simultaneous X and Y views
– Large capacity internal battery
– SYSTEM TEST ensures the best working condition
– User programmable
– Auto check fiber end face
– Auto calibrate parameters
– Store 8000 groups of splice results
– Multiple language options
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PRO-810 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

PRO-810 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

PRO-810_400The PRO-810 is’s most price effective, dual heater, core alignment fusion splicer. The PRO-810 is designed for use within several areas of fiber optic deployment. Whether your application is Premise, OSP, or FTTx splicing the PRO-810 will get the job done right. The PRO-810 is designed to work with all the popular fiber types and in all weather conditions. The dual axis view and reversible color monitor with control panels on both sides assures fusion splicing efficiency in any work environment.

With the PRO-810, core alignment fusion splicing technology has never been so affordable!

  • High Definition LCD Display
  • Profile Alignment System Technology (PAS/ Core Alignment)
  • Dual Independent Heaters
  • 3 Magnification Modes – Max. 360 Magnification
  • 4 Display Modes; Fiber Core Visible
  • 8 Second Splice Time
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Max. Wind Velocity of 15m/s
  • Auto or Manual Splicing Modes
  • Stores 8000 Splice Results
  • USB Interface for Updates and Result Transfers



PRO-810 Fusion Splicer Kit Includes

  • Fusion Splicer
  • Precision Cleaver and Strippers
  • AC Adapter
  • AC Cord
  • Spare Electrodes (Pair)
  • Cooling Tray
  • Battery and Charger
  • Hard Case and Carrying Strap
  • Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty