T-55 Automatic Adaptive Core Fusion Splicer


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• Fast 7sec Splicing
• Heating 20sec
• Detachable case for working tray
• Durable & rugged

Splicer Core Alignment – w/ Acc No Cleaver
The Kit includes: AC adapter, AC power cord, Cooling tray, Spare electrode, Operating CD
manual, Quick reference guide, Carrying case with worktable, Hand strap, USB cable

Splicer Core Alignment – w/FC-6RS-C
The Kit includes: Kit-1 accessories, FC-6RS-C

Splicer Core Alignment – w/FC-6RS-C w/Fiber Holders
The Kit includes: Kit-1 accessories, FC-6RS-C, Fiber holders

Splicer Core Alignment – w/Acc w/FC-8R
The Kit includes: Kit-1 accessories, FC-8R

Quantum Fusion Splicer Core Alignment w/FC-8R, w/FHS-025- LB5-SET
The Kit includes: Kit-1 accessories, FC-8R, FHS-025-LB5-SET

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