Precision Rated Optics

Precision Rated Optics Fusion Splicers

Fusion Splicers are the key instrument in Fusion splicing, which is the act of joining two optical fibers end-to-end using heat. The goal of the fusion splicer is to fuse the two fibers together in such a way that light passing through the fibers is not scattered or reflected back by the splice, and so that the splice and the region surrounding it are almost as strong as the virgin fiber itself. The source of heat is in all current Precision Rated Optics fusion splicers is an electric arc through which current is passed. Additionally, there are two styles of fusion splicers, core alignment and cladding alignment, offered by Precision Rated Optics and the larger fusion splicing market. (There are other technologies available in the market but these two serve the largest number of deployed devices world-wide.)

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